Ultimate Yamaha YBR125 Build on the way

Yamaha YBR125 is one of the most modified motorcycles in Pakistan since its launch in 2015. Initially people installed exhaust and handle bars to make it look like a sports bike but there are some people who are always pushing it further. Today we will be sharing the Ultimate Yamaha YBR125 Build which is on the way by MV Garage.

MV Garage is a start up of two young and energetic engineers, they had developed Pakistan’s first domestic(self made) lithium ion powered electric bike and that’s a testament to their capabilities. Now they have taken a new project of building a moto Gp inspired Yamaha YBR125 which is called Atlantis S by the owner.

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Currently the Atlantis is getting a reworked front end with a custom body panels and much more, Recently MV Garage shared that they have successfully installed rear disc set up on their Atlantis S.

More details are coming soon as they build the Atlantis in its first form, This is going to be the Ultimate Yamaha YBR125 Build of Pakistan.

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