Petrol prices to increase in April

The fuel prices may see increase in month of April

Price Differentials Claim (PDC) of Oil Marketing Companies and Refineries is expected to reach Rs 36,07 per litre for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs. 19.64 per litre for petrol in the next two weeks if the government doesn’t change the prices.

It’s thought that the ex-depot price will be higher in the first two weeks of April (1-15) than it was in the last two weeks. This is because the ex-depot price was lower in the first two weeks of April than it was in the last two weeks (16-31 march).
The price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) is also expected to rise during the next fortnight, which starts on April 1. During the current Fortnite, the price of HSD was expected to be Rs. 144.15 per litre, but now it is expected to rise to Rs. 180.22 per litre.

Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is expected to cost Rs. 28.33 a gallon for the next two weeks, and Kerosine oil is expected to cost Rs. 30.99.The rise in the PDC is blamed on the rise in international oil prices. On March 25, the price of a barrel of oil was more than $120.

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