Evee c1 Air

Evee launches Evee C1 Air

Evee electric, a Pakistan based ev assembler is headed on the right direction. They started almost a year back and launched their first electric scooter C1. The C1 was based on basic and consumer friendy technology (Dry acid batteries). Evee improved the C1 and launched their C1 Pro with better batteries ( graphene batteries) and more backup. Now they have launched Evee C1 Air, a more powerful and more updated version of the C1 Series. Let’s have a look in detail.

Evee c1 Air

The biggest issue with the electri scooters is the speed. The scooters are slow. We happened to drive a Metro T9 and its slow as hell! The Evee C1 Air has a powerful 2000 w motor as compared to the 1200w motors in earlier variants. The battery is also improved and revamped. The C1 Air comes equipped with 72v35Ah graphene batteries.

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The other technical highlights of Evee C1 Air are fantastic. The C1 Air gets a top speed of 70 kmph and a claimed range of 120 kms on one full charge. The scooter comes equipped with digital meter, mobile charging options, more trunk space and anti theft alarm. On the looks side, it gets drl led’s, classic C1 scooter styling and 2 matt colors.

Evee C1 Air Specs

The good thing about Evee electric is their will to do it. They are planning on localizing their scooters as much as possible. They are using locally manufactured tyres i.e Panther Tyres are installed in the Evee C1 scooter series.This is a wise decision and it will also help in increasing the number of modern vendors who will be equipped in manufacturing best and latest products locally.

The price point of Evee C1 Air is also critical one. This scooter should not be too expensive that majority of its target audiance misses out on the benefits of the scooter. The exact price is yet to be revealed but it is going to be between 4 to 5 lac rupees. What do you think of this evee C1 Air electric scooter. Let us know in the comments.

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