Pakistan’s Only Yamaha YBR125 Turbo Charged

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. In country like Pakistan where modern and technologically advanced motorcycles are not common sight, the enthusiasts improvise. Many youngsters are seen increasing the performance of their regular motorcycles by performing different modifications. The motorcycle in question is Pakistan’s only Yamaha YBR125 which is in the league of its own. This is a Turbo Charged Yamaha YBR125 from Pakistan. Let’s look in detail.

The Yamaha YBR125 is a popular motorcycle due to its looks. Many youngsters adore its styling and enhance it even further. Aneeq, who owns this YBR125 has gone a step ahead. After doing the basic mods like free flow exhaust and air filter, he turbo charged the Yamaha YBR125. Now, turbo charging a single cylinder 125cc motorcycle is not easy as we don’t have access to off the shelf parts. Aneeq managed to get turbo, intercooler and components from a Japanese KEI Car (660cc Japanese cars) and than made them work.

Turbo & Intercooler setup

The turbo and intercooler were than installed at Yamaha YBR125 which required multiple customization. This process took many months to complete as it was not a simple plug and play job. This job required a lot of alterations, measurements ad retakes. Aneeq also spent a fortune on this motorcycle turbo set up.

As per the owner, the motorcycle is now heavy as compared to a stock Yamaha YBR125. Turbo setup weighs around 15 to 18 kgs. Also he has extended the swing arm of his motorcycle for aesthetics and balanced ride. With all of these modifications he can achieve speed of 120 kmph and the turbo is producing around 2psi of boost. The details are also mentioned in the video attached below.

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This video explains all the minute details which Aneeq had to go through to turbo charge his Yamaha YBR125.

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