New Fuel Prices

Fuel Prices To Decrease In Pakistan

All across the globe, fuel prices impact the life of end consumers like no other. The fuel prices impact the lives of end consumers in Pakistan as well. As the fuel prices are adjusted twice a month by OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan), this time the price trend is decreasing. The New fuel prices are expected to decrease in Pakistan. Here is what we know.

New Fuel Prices

According to recent media updates, the new fuel prices in Pakistan are going to be reduced by 7 to 18 rupees (for petrol) and up to 18 rupees (for diesel). The new fuel prices are due to the ruppee surge against dollars and the decrease of crude oil prices.

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It is also anticipated that the government may try to adjust the fuel prices by increasing 5 rupees on petroleum levy (on diesel which is currently 55 rupees) and decrease the fuel prices. This way the complete benefir of fuel prices reduction will not be transfered to the general public and the end consumers will be left out.

What do you think of the fuel prices in Pakistan? Will they decrease or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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