Differences between Jolta JE-70D And Jolta JE-70DSE

Jolta Electric is a Pakistani start up and they envision them selves as pioneers of EV’s in Pakistan. In the typical dealer driven market of Pakistan it is not easy to establish a foot print but they have done it successfully. Recently Jolta Electric flaunted their success of selling over 10,000 units.
Jolta Electric

Jolta Electric mainly deals in two categories, Motorcycles and scooters. Today we will be discussing their Motorcycles which are Jolta JE-70D And Jolta JE-70DSE. The good thing about these is that they are identical to commonly available 70cc bike and that is the bad thing about them as well.

Their both motorcycles may look similar but they have few minute differences, The basic variant Jolta JE-70 D retails for 89,500 rupees while the second edition JE-70 D SE retails for 93,500 rupees and has almost same specs with same running gears. The difference among them is the battery box and one key operations.
Differences between Jolta Bikes

The JE 70 D SE has a much more sophisticated battery compartment and it only needs a single key to perform all its operations like motorcycle lock , unlock, and start n go. Though the enthusiasts are hoping to get a surprising new product loaded with features from Jolta Electric, lets hope it comes soon!

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