1983 Honda Roadmaster CD 200 Modified

The motorcycle in question today is a 1983, Honda CD200 Road Master which is extensively modified. The iconic motorcycle needs no introduction and has a cult following in Pakistan. We found out this 1983 Honda Road Master CD200 near us and we covered it for your viewing pleasure.

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This Road Master is modified, The motorcycle gets alloy wheels and a disc set up at front which comes from Road Prince Wego, The front fender comes from Honda CD100 though. The motorcycle also gets the handle grips from Wego which come with kill switch, dipper and bar end weights for extra smooth ride. The rear suspension is also shared with Wego, The motorcycle has 130 section rear tire which gives it a wider foot print. The road grip was phenomenal due to huge tires.

The engine is interesting bit, it has a 250cc Honda CB250 Night Hawk’s parallel twin engine instead of original 200cc motor, mated with a 5 speed return shift gear transmission this motorcycle has the punch. It has the acceleration and it stops quick thanks to the suspension set up.

Many people are of the opinion that this motorcycle is ruined rather than modified and they may be true, A legend like CD200 needs resurrections rather than modifications, what ever it is, we had to share this amazing motorcycle with you guys!

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