Which bike you will pick for touring?

Pak Suzuki has a variety of 150cc motorcycles to offer in Pakistan but amongst all of them, only two are famous for traveling and tours. Today we will be comparing Suzuki GS150SE and Suzuki GR150 with respect to touring capabilities. (How to prepare Suzuki GS150SE for tours)

First thing which should be mentioned here is the price difference. The Suzuki GS150SE costs 232,000 as of now while the Suzuki GR150 costs 315,000. The huge price difference also comes with the differences of features and quality. The both motorcycles may come from the same manufacturer but they are way apart.

Suzuki GS150 SE
Suzuki GS150 SE

Suzuki GS150SE may be the most loved 150cc bike from Pakistan due to its old school looks and crispy performance but it has many small issues, Its paint and chrome quality is not up to the mark and new variants are having major mechanical issues with them. The motorcycle lacks many modern common features like fuel gauge and gear position indicator.

Suzuki GR 150
Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki GR150 is a premium 150cc motorcycle, though it comes from Suzuki’s subsidiary in China still its quality is way better than Suzuki GS150SE. The machine comes with many modern features which are missing in the Suzuki GS150SE. Over all quality, fit and finish is premium but it has its own challenges.

Both these motorcycles have very highly priced spare parts and their mechanics are also scarce and not as much as of Honda CB150F’s (Because its a Honda general market acceptability is much higher. Follow for Honda CB150F vs Suzuki GR150 comparison)Still if you have to choose amongst the Suzuki GS150SE and Suzuki GR150, my vote will go for Suzuki GS150SE because the money you save can be used to make it up to the mark.

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