Honda CB150F VS Suzuki GR150

Which bike is the best buy?

Pakistan is a dry country when it comes to new and well-equipped motorcycles; therefore, we must make do with what we are given by the manufacturers, and there is no better place to dump old technology than in our country. We now have a few options that are marginally better than what we had in the past, thanks to the internet and modern companies invading the layer of monopoly that existed previously. If you are looking for a premium 150cc motorcycle, you will have to choose between the Honda CB150F and the Suzuki GR150.

Honda CB150F
Honda CB150F
Suzuki GR 150
Suzuki GR 150

The Honda CB150F was introduced in 2017-18, at a time when the competition was becoming more intense as a result of the presence of Yamaha Motorcycles. Honda and Suzuki were also working on a modern 150cc motorcycle at around the same time, and they entered the fray with the GR150.

Both of these motorcycles are of Chinese origin, are heavier, and produce approximately 10.5 horsepower with nearly identical specifications. Despite the fact that the Honda CB150F has more aggressive styling and appears to be more macho. Suzuki, on the other hand, smooths out bumps with its super smooth drive, making it a difficult decision between these two motorcycles to make.

The decision is based on factors such as price, after-sales services, and resale points, all of which favor the Honda CB150F over the Suzuki GR150. If you’re in the market for a high-end 150cc motorcycle, the HONDA CB150F is, in my opinion, a better buy today than it was in previous years.

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