United US150 or Honda CB150F

We Pakistanis love motorcycles but new motorcycle launch in Pakistan is a rare sight. Recently however United motorcycles have launched their 150cc motorcycle. A few months ago, United Motorcycles displayed its US150 at an auto expo in Lahore. Now they have launched it for the general public to purchase. The United US150 is aimed to compete against Honda CB150F. Let’s find out if the United 150 or Honda CB150F are better buy or not!

United US150:

United US150

The first look of United US150 tells you that this motorcycle is highly inspired by Honda CB150F. The styling cues are very similar and overall dimensions are also the same. United US150 is a sporty commuter motorcycle with a 150cc air-cooled Single Overhead Cam engine. The motorcycle gets a regular slide carb to do the fueling jobs. The gear transmission is 5-speed and we are not sure if its return shift or conventional Pakistani gear shiting. The sound note is okayish, not that impressed here. The alloys are of decent quality and tyres seem nice too. Overall it has all features of the Honda CB150F but one. The tentative price of this US150 is estimated at 270,000 rupees which seems unbelievable in this day n age!

Honda CB150F:

Honda CB150F

Launched in the prime challenging times when Yamaha and Suzuki were seen everywhere and Honda wanted to enjoy a premium customer, CB150F is a nice machine. It is not fast and quick as its old Uncle Honda CG125 but it has a big bike feel with its big fuel tank and sitting-in-the-bike feel. Everything about the CB150F is nice but the price is not. It is retailing for almost 5lac rupees now. Thats high!

Which one to buy:

Buying a motorcycle in Pakistan is more of a mind’s decision than passion. Realistically if you are spending lacs on 150cc motorcycles, you will want reliability and resale. In this article, I said that United US150 has every feature the same as the Honda CB150F but its not reliable, and its resale won’t be as good as of Honda CB150F. Though Honda is an expensive bike but if you want your money in a valuable asset, CB150F is the choice!

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