Honda CB150F is Available in installments

Honda has recently launched its 2024 variant of CB150F. The new motorcycle gets a regular color and graphic upgrade as it is the norm in Pakistan. The Blue color of the Honda CB150F is launched as a special edition along with grey and orange CB150F variants. The regular CB150F comes with black alloy wheels while the special edition comes equipped with KTM-inspired Orange wheels. The Honda CB150F is also available in installments. Here is what we know so far!

As motorcycle prices have started to increase rapidly over the period of last year, Honda motorcycles are no exception. The motorcycle prices have jumped a lot and as compared to last year, the prices are much higher. This inflation has caused a slow sales trend and people have started investing in used motorcycles and even Chinese motorcycles. Because of this buying behavior, the used motorcycle prices started increasing and Chinese motorcycles also became expensive.

Honda is a market leader and losing sales is a big red flag. Honda collaborated with different banks and launched its installment schemes. The Faysal Bank installment scheme is the best of all. This scheme is not only based on a zero markup mechanism and one year, a free helmet is also being offered on every purchase through this scheme. The sales mechanics are straight forward and Faysal bank facilitates its customers.

This scheme is focused on all Honda Motorcycles but it is most beneficial in the case of CB150F. The purchase price will be locked once the deed is finalized and the consumer will pay for the mutually agreed amount. The new CB150F is also available in this scheme. Also as it directly involves the company, a new stock with latest invoice is delivered and the changes of any forgery or fraud are slim to none.

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