Suzuki Motorcycle Plant Closes Again in Pakistan!

Suzuki Motorcycles is among the big three Japanese motorcycle manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Since the 1980’s Suzuki is making motorcycles and cars in Pakistan including Lightweight trucks, People’s carriers,s and Jeeps. Suzuki gained popularity because of its affordability and reliability. Suzuki has always been the selling automobile brand in Pakistan but the situation has changed now.

From last year, Pakistan’s political and economic situation is in hot waters. The increasing inflation has been causing a slack in sales and people have changed their buying behaviors. The increasing dollar price is one of the biggest issues. Since Pakistan is not making any automobiles locally (completely) and has to import spare parts, the prices have gone much higher. Surprisingly the auto industry of Pakistan has never evolved properly.

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All of these companies have kept on importing spare parts and kits but never implemented the localization. Though as per law they were supposed to continue and increase the localization level so the import bill can be kept in check.

Suzuki Motorcycle Plant again shutdown

Facing the same issues, the Suzuki Motorcycle plant in Pakistan is facing non-production again! From 12th to 16th June 2023, Suzuki Plant will remain closed due to a lack of spare parts to assemble a complete motorcycle! This is an alarming situation for Pakistan’s automobile industry. If this issue is not resolved properly, we may again face the same issues again and again!

Source: Pro Pakistani

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