Honda launched BLUE CB150F

Honda is the most popular and most selling motorcycle in Pakistan. Honda is not operating directly in Pakistan but working as Joint Venture Partnership with Atlas Autos. Together they form Atlas Honda Motorcycles and they have a range from 70 to 150cc in Pakistan. For a long time, Honda had no competition in the local market but with the new entrants like Yamaha and Suzuki(GR150), Honda started to feel the heat. Honda had launched a few motorcycles and recently launched its CB150F in a blue color.

The CB150F is a Chinese-originated motorcycle. Coming from Honda’s subsidiary factory in China the Sundiro Honda CB150F is a global model (Sold in other countries across the globe as well). In Pakistan, the CB150F competes with Suzuki GS150SE, Suzuki GR150, and Yamaha YBR 125 series.

CB150F has a single cylinder 150cc single-cylinder overhead cam shaft-based engine with a 5-speed gearbox. The suspension of CB150F is impressive because it has telescopic front forks with a disc brake setup and alloy wheels up front. On the back, it has a swing arm-type suspension with a drum set up.

For last year, motorcycle prices have really started to climb and sales started to fall rapidly. Companies are doing different sales & marketing techniques to achieve better results. Recently Yamaha introduced a grey color in its YBR125G which was followed by a Matt Orange Yamaha YBR125G. The response was okayish on Grey YBR125G but the Orange YBR125G was really mocked and laughed at.

The Blue Honda CB150F is also one such job. Honda tried to refresh its CB150F with a new color but at almost 5lac rupees, people want value for money and a new color is not valuable anymore!

Let us know what you think of this Blue CB150F. Is it worth it or not? Comment down below.

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