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Motorcycle Tire Pressure

Motorcycle tires use air to make them even more comfortable and smooth to ride, having the correct air pressure in tires has always been a topic among different motorcycle discussions and groups. Lets have a look why tire pressure is important and what are the consequences of having an irrelevant tire pressure.

The tire pressure effects directly on the contact area of tire and the road, if tire pressure is low or under inflated than this contact area increases which results in having more road grip and traction but it can hurt fuel efficiency, tire life and acceleration.

Mean while an over inflated tire makes the ride bumpy and wobbly, This wobble can rob smoothness of the ride as the contact area among tires and road is decreased. It results in poor road grip and can cause skidding issues.

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The prescribed or correct tire pressure can always be found in the owners manual its also available on the side of chain cover or swing arm on some motorcycles. The tires also have inflatable pressure written on the wall which is often misjudged for tire pressure but in fact its the allowable tire pressure which tire can hold and it is the maximum limit of it, its not recommended one!

Always make sure to check every pressure after every two weeks and always check when the tires are cold.(before ride)

We hope this article helps in clearing the air about tire pressure. Tell us what tire pressures you keep in your motorcycle in the comments.

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