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Motorcycles which failed in Pakistan

In developing countries like Pakistan 2-wheeler are always the first priority of masses due to its simple construction and affordability. Popular 2-wheeler in Pakistan are the Japanese and some Chinese brands.Many local and foreign manufacturers tried to manufacture and sell many 2-wheeler but they couldn’t make the cut and eventually flopped. Lets find out more about such motorcycles.

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Sohrab JS 70:

Sohrab was a cycle manufacturing firm from Pakistan which reached the peak of its success and decided to manufacture motorcycles.Not to mention here but Sohrab is a well known and renowned cycle brand but their luck in motorcycle business didn’t turned out well. People didn’t got the idea of having an engine instead of pedals and eventually it was laid down.


Once upon a time SKM stood for Saif Kawasaki Motors but this joint venture was not functional anymore after 1994. In recent past former SKM(Saif Khurseed Motors now) tried to get some chinese motorcycles re-bagged and sell them as Kawasaki but these chinese motorcycles could not meet the legacy of original Kawasaki. This motorcycle too was eventually laid down.

Suzuki GS125:

Not many people know that but Suzuki GS150 had a younger sibling, it was called the GS125. This GS125 was every thing same as GS150 but had no self starter and its bore was less to make it a 125cc. The price difference was nominal and people always went for GS150 being more powerful and having a self starter. Eventually Suzuki pulled the plug on GS125.

Honda CG Dream:

Atlas Honda is no doubt one of the most successful 2-Wheeler manufacturer in Pakistan. Its brand CG125 has a larger than life impact on many people. In fact CG125 is so loved in its old school shape that people don’t want to change it. Atlas Honda tried to modernize the CG125 by making it a bit up to date and tidy but the masses never accepted it. Tired to push it, Atlas Honda pulled the plug and stopped manufacturing the CG Dream.

Ravi Piaggio Storm :

I have never seen any chinese motorcycle seller making a bold move until I saw Ravi group launching the Storm 125 in Pakistan. Back in the day it was like wao! a muscular chiseled fuel tank,a disc setup 5 speed gear box and un limited scope for modifications. People were going nuts and it felt like this is it! Thats the beginning of a new motorcycle era but the industrialist always loves the profits and they are never after the culture. Hence culture lost and the curse of 70cc won. The factory is at halt since 2015 and a miracle can get it back on its feet.

This was my list, lemme know what you guys think of these!

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