A group travel bikers is standing bsides the road to capture view from the top

Memories on a road trip!

Well, we all are obsessed by watching a picture of some beautiful location and ask our friends to make a plan and visit that place. At least I am. Ever since i started travelling in Baluchistan and Sindh, its scenery has always blown me away. I am not a hard core tourer like others but i know why they are so hooked up with traveling on motorcycles.



Motorcycle is a companion, a guy starts talking to it, starts smiling to it and even starts taping its fuel tank if he  conquers a tough track or a steep hill. Thats what i do and i am not shy to share with you guys. You may have seen me doing this in my videos too.


The sense of freedom is ultimate, one feels like he is fearless and there is no limit to this feeling! The road is like your empire and motorcycle is your throne! Stop where ever you like and click a photo. Turning moments into memories is never bad!

Share with us what are your memories on a road trip.


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