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Why Motorcycle Modifications in Pakistan are not considered good

Why motorcycle modifications are considered to be a stigma in Pakistan? This question has always bothered me. Every time I looked upon a custom café racer or brat, I would droll in fantasies of building one and I tried too, no matter how bad or how badly it was converted I really enjoyed it but when my motorcycle was caught by police and I was accused of reckless riding and racing, I was like why? And they were like because it’s a Nangi motorcycle! Why is that? Let’s find out more!

Sadly, in Pakistan our sense of motorcycle modifications was never decent to begin with. Many people can afford small engine capacity motorcycles and they tend to modify it. The loud exhaust, no fenders no lights meters and a badly up swept handle bar is what these small motorcycles can be seen with which is 100 percent example of a reckless rider who is trying to find someone who can hit him but we are different.

A café racer may have many modifications in which motorcycle is changed in terms of its looks and sound but it is all done aesthetically. There are some precise calculations made in this regard and these motorcycles have a history.

Still there are many ways one can modify a motorcycle into a much better and stealthy looking motorcycle. They need a low handling position and a lowered seat; they need a bit louder exhaust and some fatter tires and they can be done with both fenders on and off.

The point I want to make here is that we are not the ones with Nangi 70, Our modifications are based on an international culture which is very popular and can really help in bringing the motorcycle culture towards the betterment. If you can’t encourage us, please don’t discourage!

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