Honda Motorcycles getting cheaper?

In the recent price revision spree, almost all automobile manufacturers have revised their prices but motorcycle manufacturers have not. Few weeks back Yamaha announced through a circular that they’re going to continue old prices. Other companies are also following the suite and not reducing the prices. Many people are anticipating the price revision of Honda motorcycles, will it happen or not?

As per our analysis, Atlas Honda is the market leader in two wheel world of Pakistan and its moves are copied by others. It is very difficult for Atlas Honda to decrease the prices and maintain profitability. The motorcycle sales are down disastrously and companies are selling lesser units as compared to before. To balance that equation they have to increase prices and remain profitable.

Also its a shame for us that we are still dependent on CKD kits and imported parts to develop basic automobiles and products. These CKD kits are expensive and their import causes destabilization in dollar rate. All in all we can say that Atlas Honda is not going to decrease or revise its prices. They may keep it same for some time but will increase them as their is no other option.

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