Ravi Motorcycles launch their Electric bike for 131,000 rupees

Increasing inflation and increasing fuel prices are becoming an issue for daily commuters. People are shifting to smaller capacity vehicles to save fuel but fact is that a 70cc motorcycle can not do beyond 45 to 50 Kmpl. People are looking for more favorable options and an Electric Vehicle seems to be a nice choice.

Following this trend many EV manufacturers are now active in Pakistani motorcycle industry. Jolta Electric, Road King Motorcycle and Vlektra are a few names. Now Ravi Motorcycle also joins them with their EV variant of 70cc motorcycle.

Ravi Motorcycles

As odd as it seems, the placement of electric motor and batteries feels odd in a gasoline motorcycle. Normal 70cc frame seems to be out of proportion and many users have quality concerns. The quality of batteries and motors have improved a lot but many still need to improve.

Also the increasing prices of EV bikes is a big issue, followed by quality issues and lack of proper after sales services the still have a long way to go.

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