Yamaha XTZ-250 Lander, Why not in Pakistan

Yamaha has launched 4 variants of 125cc segment in Pakistan with little variations and getting an overall good response from the market. Youngsters always wanted the change and they got it in shape of Yamaha motorcycles but now it is very strongly felt that Yamaha is following Honda’s league now by increasing prices only, decreasing quality and not bringing any new machines.

For instance Yamaha has been selling the XTZ-250 Lander, a hardcore dual-purpose motorcycle in some South American markets. This motorcycle is based on Yamaha FZ25 Engine(very popular motorcycle in India)Similar actions are required by Yamaha in Pakistan to develop 150/160cc motorcycles by bumping up the bore and stroke of its existing Yamaha YBR125s.

It is understood that getting a completely new machine for Pakistan is not going to happen, we can make use of available resources and get better results. Lets hope someone is listening.

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