Wuyang Honda CG125 30th Anniversary Edition

Somethings are so well engineered that they with stand the test of times. Honda CG125 is also one of such well engineered machine which has been around for ages and it looks like its not going anywhere. Couple of weeks back, a blacked out Honda CG125 with Blue and white color scheme was looking very desirable on the internet. Here is what it has to offer.

Many people may say that how it is different than the Honda CG125 which is available in Pakistan? well it is. For instance the Wuyang Honda CG125 may look retro but it comes with fuel injection and it is more focused towards riding pleasure and fuel efficiency. The Wuyang Honda 125 also makes less power of 9.8 hp as compared to 12 hp of Atlas Honda CG125.

The Wuyang Honda also gets a big grab rail, different lights and body panels. Its also said that its sound is different as compared to Atlas Honda CG125’s.The speedo meter looks cool but is analogue. The blacked out engine, spokes and exhaust give this bike a mean look. Also the Wuyang Honda 125 is priced at amount equaling of Pakistani 213,000 rupees.

All in all the Wuyang Honda CG125 Special edition is to remember that this bike is around for 30 years. That is a lot of motorcycles and this means that the users have trust and faith in the brand name. Let us know what do you think of Wuyang Honda CG125.


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