VLEKTRA Electric Motorcycles

As the Electric vehicles have became talk of the town, many people are jumping up on this bandwagon, trying to leave a mark on Pakistani Automobile sector with their ev products. When every other EV we see is a visual eye sore of a 70cc frame and electric motors jammed in there, VLEKTRA Electric Motorcycles is redefining the scene with their new and innovative motorcycles.

VLEKTRA is a Karachi Pakistan based EV Startup, having an out let in  Karachi area. Though not much can be said about their facilities 9factory and production line, either in Pakistan or in China) Initially they have launched two variants of their E bikes, Bolt and Retro.


Bolt is a modern sporty looking E bike which comes with a Hub motor and it is equipped with discs at both corners. The suspension and other hardware also seems to be of premium quality. The best thing about the specs are its charging time, acceleration and battery type. The VLEKTRA uses lithium ion based batteries which charge in 4 to 5 hours. Motorcycle covers a total of 80 kilometers in one charge and can achieve its top speed of 0-60 kilometers per hour in  4 seconds. The Bolt is priced at 349,000.

Retro how ever is a classic looking electric bike and has almost the same features to offer as of the Bolt. It is priced at 249,000 rupees. These prices may seem high but the EV’s are cost effective to run and that is how they balance the return on investment equation. We are still trying to contact VLEKTRA Electric Motorcycles, lets hope they lend us their motorcycles for comprehensive reviews.

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