E-Bikes in Pakistan
E-Bikes in Pakistan


Simple yet creative solution for Urban Mobility , E Bikes

This is need of time and a must have in Pakistan right now

Whole world is facing tough times and increasing inflation has made it much difficult for a common man to survive. In this modern day and age mobility is the basic need, Its as basic as water or air. The fuel prices are increasing rapidly and government is having a hard time sustaining the fuel prices. There is a simple yet creative solution for this Urban Mobility issue and that is E-Bike.

E-Bikes in Pakistan
E-Bikes in Pakistan

The E-Bike is a bicycle with an electric motor and pedals, the concept is to save fossil fuels and use electricity to charge the batteries which than drive the electric motors. If you ever run out of electric power, one can use pedals to power and reach your destination. The E-Bikes are built differently, they have better tyres as of motorcycles. They have better suspension and stopping power as compared to conventional cycles / bikes.

E-Bikes in Pakistan
E-Bikes in Pakistan

Since Pakistan is very conventional when it comes to manufacturing and has not manufactured modern Bicycles locally(Though we have made Sohrab cycle locally) but can manufacture an E-Bike very easily. There is nothing much to an electric bike than an electric motor, set of batteries, controller and a throttle mechanism. The thing is that local development of components make it easy and feasible for common users to buy. There is no point of getting an E-Bike for over 25 thousand rupees. If it costs more, its better to get an old used Honda / Locally manufactured 70cc Motorcycle.

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