MKBH Autos, A creative motorcycle workshop

They say a bad workman quarrels with his tools but the workshop I am going to share with all of you is a place where a young enthusiast mechanic uses modern tools to maintain your motorcycle at optimum level. The workshop is called MKBH Autos Rawalpindi. Lets hear from them.

HONDA S110 Restomod by MKBH Autos
HONDA S110 Restomod by MKBH Autos
“Get your motorbikes tuned for best performance and mileage.
What does our tune-up include? It includes all necessary checks required to completely service a motorcycle i.e tappets adjustment with gauge, air fuel setting digitally, brake fluids inspection digitally, egr wash and much more.
What parts do we have?
We have all general maintenance parts for gs150/gr150/ybr/ybz/derbi/wego/Robinson/kpr/infinity/Japanese bikes and other bikes.
What engine oils we have?
Liqui Moly, Zic, Yamalube
Where are we located?
We are Rawalpindi based
Why appointments?
Dealing one bike at a time makes it more precise and waiting time is almost eliminated.
What other services do we provide?
Restoration, engine overhauling 2stroke/4stroke, suspension rebuilds, wiring works, all mechanical works etc.”
modern equipment
modern equipment

MKBH Autos uses modern equipment to tune your machine properly. There is no Hathora mechanic science involved and you can trust MKBH Autos with your motorcycles. They will suggest best products and engine oils for your machine.
No matter if you’re looking for a simple tune up, modification or restoration they have a wide scope of work. They are found of 2stroke motorcycles and have some great motorcycles to show you too.

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