Aston Martin’s First Ever Motorcycle

Ultra luxurious British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin builds its first limited edition track only motorcycle in collaboration with an other British motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior. The collaboration of these two companies resulted in a stunning motorcycle which is fast and one of its kind.

Both of these brands can trace their roots in England from 20th century.Their creature looks like a fictional vehicle which James bond may have used in any of his 007 movie. An anti villain vehicle if you ask me which is so different that it looks more of a sculpture.

This motorcycle is like a love affair and both companies have put their best in it. On designing front it has unique and iconic looks with Aston Martin design elements.The body is flared yet streamlined and has a unique combination of carbon fiber,aluminium and titanium,the best thing which i liked is the saddle, an oxford tan leather seat!

This machine is capable of making 180 horsepower and houses a turbo charged V twin engine.Its over all weight is just a shy of 200 kilograms and I can already see what a phenomenal power to weight ratio its going to have.I have to say something to those lucky ones who are going to swing a leg over, You lucky bastards!

Owning one however is not going to be easy,this radical motorcycle will be costing a whooping 120K Dollars which I surely don’t have. I can only adore it and write about it!

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