Motorcycle in price of a used Car!

People used to buy motorcycles because they were affordable but now they cost as much as an old car. Yamaha YBR125G is Pakistan’s most expensive 125cc motorcycle and it costs nearly as much as an old car does.

Currently Yamaha YR125G costs around 315,000 rupees, The price hikes have been happening regularly and this time Yamaha shared a circular stating they will keep their old prices. The resources and market dealers are saying that Yamaha will again increase its prices and it will soon cross 350,000 mark.

The value for money doesn’t seems right, the motorcycle is not worth 315,000 as it is not offering any new feature and its quality is even getting worst everyday. Their is a specific niche which likes to buy Yamaha, Ideally Yamaha should work on increasing their target audience and not the prices.

If they continue their same routine, people will find it better to buy a Mehran or old Charade rather than YBR125G.

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