Ravi Piaggio Storm Scrambler Build

Many bikers know this that Ravi Piaggio Storm was the motorcycle to have when all the fancy motorcycles of today we’re not available. Storm 125 had looks of a bigger bike and decent enough performance.But it was discontinued due to some issues at company end.

The Storm 125 now faces issues of spare parts, they’re difficult to find and costly as well.This issue gave birth to the idea of making a scrambler out of it and voila.

Mr Amy Rana from PMV has worked his magic over this Storm 125 and for sum of 70,000 rupees it’s completely re done. Financially it also makes sense as the motorcycle now has new wiring, new tyres,new bush bearings ,new paint and overall a refurbishment is done.

As per Amy, the cost of modifications depend upon the condition of motorcycle, at times it’s less and at times it’s much higher. We will share it’s detailed video soon! Do let us know what you think of this build!

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