Yamaha Motor Pakistan makes no changes in prices

Recently Yamaha Motor Pakistan shared its price circular with authorized dealerships. The prices have remained same as the last time and they have not been increased nor decreased. We have already shared that as per our assessment, motorcycle prices are not going to be reduced as Car prices. Yamaha’s official letter seems to vet our assessment.

Yamaha new prices

The reason why motorcycle manufacturers are not bringing the prices down are many. Among of those reasons one is the uncertainty in dollar prices. You never know when it will shoot up again and the ban on imports. Most of our premium motorcycles are build by assembling CKD Kits.

The other reason is the consumer shift, as a common man is not able to buy a brand new car but a brand new bike, motorcycle companies are ready to exploit. Any one who wanted to buy a brand new Alto will adjust himself on a new YBRG rather than a CD70.

Yamaha YBR125G

Also the market is on the higher side these days, many parts and sports bike importers are also in trouble. They have shipments of higher dollar rate at their disposal while rate has fluctuated again. As we always discuss the things, Local manufacturing is the solution to provide a better and cheaper 2 wheeler in Pakistan.

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