4 most Cheap cars ever in Pakistani vehicle market

4 Cars for Motorcycle prices

The inflation has taken its toll on the prices of products and our much loved motorcycles are now getting way off from our budgets. Up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky is now making some sense.I have myself bought a car on a budget and it got me thinking about some cars one can buy on a budget of a 150 cc like Suzuki GR 150(New GR 150 Costs 273 k with out registration now.)

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Suzuki FX:

The much loved hatchback from 80’s can be seen running on streets and roads of Pakistan. This car is simple to maintain and very cost effective to run. It can also be found from as low as 70 k to 200 k depending upon the condition. With multiple qualities of parts available at very affordable prices, thats why this car is still around. I had it for a while and its my crush too.This puppy is actual first generation Alto and it can also be moded to your liking! 

Suzuki Mehran:

The successor to Suzuki FX is Mighty Mehran. Its reign lasted from 1989 to 2018 in Pakistan. Its like our version of Ford Model T (World’s most manufactured car). Like its elder brother the FX, its also very easy to maintain and cost effective to run. One can change an old Mehran of 90’s and spend 5 k on it and it will look like 2018 Mehran. Its easy way to go from A to B while having 4 people on board.Its price may vary but a late 90’s and early 2000 ones will cost you under 300 k mark.

Suzuki Khyber:

Khyber is the most beautiful hatch back from the 90’s.Its the most spacious , most practical and powerful car one can get in our budget slab. I recently purchased one for 250 k and spent some money to make it look and run good. Now I am enjoying a car which can do highway hauls and seats my family of 5 people. The total cost was just a lil more than 300 k.

Daihatsu Charade:

Charade is poor man’s sports car! I am talking about the most desired ones the 2 door hatch back with a factory turbo charged engine and that too on a very affordable price. Though most charades have swapped engines and they have a bad reputation of visits to mechanics but i have seen my buddies building Charades on a budget which not only look cool but are very affordable to maintain.

Tell us which car you would choose from our list if you had to buy a car on motorcycles budget!Buying these cars may be the easy part but maintaining them would be a lil tricky. I bet it would require a bunch of tools , some patience and lil DIY efforts to make your cheap car drive like a good one!

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