Robinson 150, A gem of a motorcycle

Road Prince ROBINSON 150, let’s take a moment to appreciate a great machine which is no more available. Road Prince Robinson was launched back in 2015 along with its other sibling WEGO 150 by Road Prince Motorcycles(OMEGA INDUSTRIES).

ROBINSON was off road or enduro styled life style motorcycle. It has USD front forks with a huge petal disc upfront. Light weight spoke rims with knobby tires which provided exceptions grip on loose surfaces.

High rise aluminum handle bars with comfortable seat and center set foot pegs was designed to focus on riders comfort, the semi analogue speedometer provided adequate information. Fuel efficiency was decent and a huge fuel tank which could easily hold above 15ltrs of fuel was chiseled.ROBINSON was used in adventure touring. My dear friend used his ROBINSON (Which he lovingly called JASPER) on many adventure tours.Jasper never missed a beat.

ROBINSON was priced equal to WEGO but it was never popular as WEGO. May be it didn’t had the looks people like here. Let alone the parts and maintainance but any mechanic which knew what he was doing could easily fix it. The main culprit was low sales and company pulled the plug. If they could have invested a little more in its marketing, we would have a much better bike.

Even though its still available for 250k as per official document of Road Prince but the showroom owners say that Robinson is gone for good.

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