Is this Yamaha or Dyl?

Is it Yamaha or DYL? What company this motorcycle is from?what’s the story of this Dhoom Yamaha 70, Lol. This love story is way better than twilight.

Dawood Younas Limited was formerly known as Dawood Yamaha Limited because they were partners of Yamaha in Pakistan for a long time and developed 100cc 2stroke motorcycles.The partnership ended when Yamaha wanted to move on but their partner didn’t.

In Pakistan things work a different way . DYL still marketed them as Dawood Yamaha to gain popularity for their Dhoom 70.If this was some other country people would have sued other companies but not here.

To this date Dyl is marketed as Dawood Yamaha rater than Dawood Younas limited, the dealers know the difference but still call it Yamaha ki 70 to generate good sales.

What a country!

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