HONDA CB125F 2021


HONDA CB125F 2021

Honda reveals CB125F 2021 for European markets

Honda has revealed the latest 2021 CB125F for the European markets, this motorcycle is popular as LEARNERS Motorcycle It has been one of the most famous bikes in European markets for new buyers and famous for it easy handling and amazing fuel efficiency. Honda CB125F for 2021, it has received a long list of updates

HONDA CB125F 2021
HONDA CB125F 2021

The CB125F gets 10.7 hp of out put which is .02 more than the previous model but its the weight which makes all the difference, new CB125F 2021 is 11 kgs lighter than the previous one and has a much better power to weight ratio. This CB125F 2021 has been hitting the gym and the design is also updated. Its much more aggressive and has a good stance to it.
HONDA CB125F 2021
HONDA CB125F 2021

No matter how good this motorcycle might be but the scenario in Pakistan is different, the CB125F offered in Pakistan is OHV and very different from what is offered in mature markets. Lets hope the real HONDA CB125F 2021 makes it to Pakistan someday!

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