Harley Davidson exits India!

Harley Davidson is one of the baddest (in a good way) motorcycle company, its as American as apple pie. Harley Davidson India decided to quit its operations as the company is not doing well in India. It may seem odd but its true, the Harley Davidson exits India!

Harley Davidson quits India
Harley Davidson had been around for a while in India, in its 10 years run they sold 25 thousand motorcycles which is not an impressive figure from one of the largest motorcycle markets of the world. The premium motorcycle brand wasn’t able to make the cut which they hoped. On the other hand the strategy was to set up factories in developing economies as they are much more affordable to work in and also help in exporting to nearing countries but the die heart fans of Harley Davidson did not want it to happen.

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Harley Davidson quits India
Many Americans protested and their demand was to have an American made Harley Davidson for American markets. Globally Harley Davidson is also facing recession and its not doing much good either. It is also heard that Harley Davidson India is going for a joint venture with Hero motor co to sustain in Indian market but officially they called it off. Harley Davidson quits India!

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