We usually don’t feature car builds on or channel but when we do, they are out of the world! This Turbo charged Mehran(Second Generation Suzuki Alto) from Islamabad Pakistan is Frankenstein’s Monster. Like the actual story the owner of TURBO CHARGED MEHRAN Muhammad Osama started with a stock car and built it with some common mods, After roaming around for a while he thought to build his vehicle in a stealth manner.

Muhammad Osama got a K-Series Kei car engine from a Suzuki ALTO RS and swapped it in his second generation Suzuki Mehran(Alto). This engine is 660cc 3 cylinder with a 5 speed gear transmission and on top of that it has a snail,a cute tiny lil snail which makes things go chu chu!

The best thing about this vehicle is the name, its called THE SUICIDE ALTO by its owner. As the car has stock suspension and brakes its very scary to ride in this thing, specially when the power is increased from 35 to 70 hp, its very scary to ride in this TURBO CHARGED MEHRAN!

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The video above has all the details about the Frankenstein’s Monster which is known as The Suicide Alto or TURBO CHARGED MEHRAN!

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