Langen Motorcycles , New 2stroke motorcycle company

I love 2stroke motorcycles for their lightness and jaw dropping performance, I love the smell of 2stroke smoke but right now I came across Langen Motorcycles which is a New 2stroke motorcycle company from Britain and they are keeping it alive. Meet the latest creation from Langen Motorcycles.

Langen Motorcycles two-stroke
In the Langen 2-Stroke, this 250cc, 90-degree v-twin motor is efi and tuned for an amazing 80 hp and 45 Nm torque at 11,700 rpm. And while this 2-Stroke is as light as a 450cc dirt bike at just 112 kg only, it will change direction like a frickin’ mosquito and be terrific fun to ride.
Langen Motorcycles two-stroke
Mind you this 2stroke motorcycle is not going to be an average home run machine at all, as per the company it will be costing around £30,000 (US$37,700) and that too is mostly the cost of the bike! Damn but still I and many other 2stroke enthusiasts are happy for the comeback!

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