Pakistan’s New 3D Zebra Crossings

Metropolitan Corporation Lahore has introduced a 3D zebra crossing on Mall Road for the first time in Pakistan ever. The commissioner Lahore Mr Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman says that 3D zebra crossing will be introduced on 20 different roads throughout the city he also added that these latest 3D zebra crossing installation has been done by the Metropolitan Corporation as a part of the major plan to introduce multiple 3D zebra crossings on 20 different main avenues.

Globally these 3D zebra crossings have been in use in various countries, like UK,USA,CHINA and Iceland among others, and have reportedly been highly effective, as they help drivers and pedestrians to be more safe, Usually in Pakistan drivers often cross the zebra crossing at signals, this is not a good thing and these 3D zebra crossings will appear as obstacles to them.

Not only the road manners will improve, these 3D Zebra crossings will also add to the beauty of Lahore.

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