What could be more bad in 2020? The American icon Harley Davidson revealed 338-R, The BABY Harley Davidson developed in collaboration with chinese giant Qianjiang. The chinese variant of “baby Harley” was spotted in patents, suggesting the model dubbed QJ350-13 would still be introduced, we were unsure of what would happen to its American-branded counterpart. It might be also available in Pakistan as some chinese sports bike dealer may find it intimidating enough!

The new philosophy of Harley Davidson is different from what they used to be, the big muscular American brand has gone from all muscle to a more practical and decent figure of entry level motorcycles range. The sub 400cc range is very comparative these days with KTM 390’s and chinese motorcycles, in such a dynamic range the baby Harley Davidson has got to prove its self.

Baby Harley Davidson
Inspired by flat-tracks, the 338R is lower and flatter towards the rear end , while the fuel appears more compact from the outset. Overall, the 338R is more minimalist than its siblings with its exposed frame and subtle detailing to differentiate it from the QJ350 and the 302S.

The 338R is, for now, at least set to remain within the confines of Asia where a dash of badge engineering doesn’t go amiss as manufacturers compete for sales in the crucial 250-400cc displacement range. This could be the breakthrough Harley Davidson is looking for in the Asian markets.

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