Atlas Honda increases its prices again!

The political and financial situation of Pakistan has been very unstable from past 4 months. The dollar rate have been increasing and Atlas Honda has been increasing its motorcycles prices monthly now. This time Atlas Honda again increased its motorcycle prices!

The new motorcycle prices will be applicable from 1st July and new prices are as under:

Motorcycle Price
CD 70 111500
CD 70 DREAM 119500
PRIDOR 150900
CG125 174500
CG125SE 205500
CB125F 263900
CB150F 323900
CB150F SE 327900

The motorcycles are a common mode of transportation and majority of our audience uses motorcycles for daily commute. As the petrol prices are increasing, the motorcycles are more used but they are also on the higher side now.

Atlas Honda is Pakistan’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and seller but they are still not able to develop a motorcycle locally. The lack of local production is a huge issue if government wants to control the prices.

The government is no where to be seen in such tough conditions. All we can do is hope for a better tomorrow!

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