How to keep cool on summer rides in Pakistan!

Summers may be the favorite weather of bikers but it comes with many harsh realities. The weather may bring sweet mangos but it is difficult to ride a motorcycle in summer. Riders are often seen riding difficulty in summer. Here are some tips on how to keep you cool on summer rides.(Follow our facebook page here)

Stay Hydrated During Summer Rides:

In summer, we sweat a lot and there are chances of getting dehydrated if water intake is not proper. Sweat keeps our body cool but we also lose important minerals with it. Staying hydrated and increasing your water intake are necessary.

Stay Hydrated

Wear Breathable Riding Gear In Summer Rides:

You may want to throw your jacket off and relax in a T-Shirt but it can be dangerous, Instead use breathable riding gear. This stuff passes air through and keeps you cool. Also, it protects you from tanning and keeps you safe on a ride. Also must wear a helmet, it will protect you from direct sunlight and heat stroke.

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Wear breathable riding gear

Use Breathable Seat Covers (Seat Mesh):

The toughest part of sitting on a motorcycle on a sunny day is the hot seat. Imagine you have parked your motorcycle in a parking where no shade is available. It’s 3 pm and Sun is high in the sky, you are done with your work and ready to go back home. Now you will have to sit on the blazing hot seat, I know it’s not good. You’ll end up with a burning bottom and it’s not pleasant. To avoid this, park under shade and use a breathable seat cover. Using a Seat Mesh is the best in this regard which helps in keeping the ride comfortable and breathable.

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Avoid Unnecessary Riding in Summer (Peak Hours):

If it is not necessary, do not summer rides during peak hours. Avoid interaction with direct sunlight and avoid getting ill. Heat stroke is a serious and life-taking illness which can cause serious illness.


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