Best & Budget Modifications for Yamaha YBR125 in Pakistan

Motorcycle modification is one of the first things which comes to mind of every youngster. Everyone wants to look different and exotic. The best thing about modifying culture is that every other motorcycle is different. It represents the style and theme its owner has. It is also said that a tastefully done machine speaks of a tasteful owner.

If you’re looking for the best & budget modifications for your Yamaha YBR125 in Pakistan, we got your back. Every youngster has a dream of owning a sports bike. Owning one is subject to a huge budget but we can modify Yamaha YBR125 in that spirit. Here is how a stock Yamaha YBR looks against a modified Yamaha YBR125.

Yamaha YBR125 Modifications

The modifications are simple and can easily be done on a 10,000 rupees budget if you are willing to wrench yourself. The first thing is lowering the motorcycle. For this purpose, you simply lose the bolts on the upper and lower column tree and slam the front end. This gives the super aggressive look but ride comfort is compromised.

The second thing is a clip-on handlebar set, these should fit easily on your forks and upper column tree. A pair of decent clip-on should cost you from 1800 to 2500 rupees. Installation is simple and it gives an aggressive riding posture.

A dropped YBR125 With Clip-on Handlebars

The third thing is exhaust and it is one of the most expensive mods. A decent quality exhaust and bend pipe will give you financial damage of 10 to 12 thousand rupees at least. The best bet is to get a carefully used one from online selling platforms and install it yourself. It is an easy job if a slip-on exhaust is used and no cutting welding is involved.A used one will set you back at least 6000 rupees.

Sliced rear fender and a custom exhaust

Our fourth mod involves cutting, to make looks more aggressive and sporty slice the rear fender to expose the tyre. You’ll need a cutting blade and that’s only 50 rupees, to begin with.

Performing all of these mods in coherence will give you a well-modified, aggressive-looking Yamaha YBR125. You can add more to this by adding vinyl wraps, lights, stickers, rim paints, and much more. You only need deep pockets for this!

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