Second hand bikes for sale in Pakistan

As the new motorcycle prices in Pakistan have increased a lot, demand for the second hand bikes for sale in Pakistan has increased simultaneously. The used or second hand bikes and motorcycles are sold in motorcycle markets across Pakistan where different motorcycles are sold as per their condition and demand. If you are looking for buying a second hand motorcycle, here are few things you should keep in mind.

The Documents:

Make sure the second hand bike you are going to buy should have complete and clean documents. There is no harm in reconciling engine and chassis number on the motorcycle with the documents. It is also a safe move to have all necessary legal documentation checked and validated. Also the online vehicle verification helps with the verification of documents.

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Inspection of the bike:

Buying a second hand bike may become a headache later because usually no one inspects the motorcycles keenly to avoid any future troubles. There is a list of inspection points which will help in inspecting used motorcycle properly.

Observe: The first impression of a motorcycle can be evaluated by just observing it. A good eye can see many minute details and differences. If a body part is extra shiny and clean while the rest of bike is dull, it means it has been replaced. Also if there is un usual wear and tear marks on the bike, it may be involved in an accident.

Suspension: The suspension is important and expensive components of any motorcycle. Front suspension should be inspected to see if any seal is on its way out or if there is damage to the chrome. Any leakage and damage can cause seal failure and it can damage front suspension too. Rear suspension should also be inspected for any leaks and un usual damages.

Engine: The most important part of any vehicle is its engine and definitely most expensive too. A clean and leak free engine means its well cared after. One should always cold start an engine to find out if it has any starting troubles, any leaks, blow or rattling noises. If any of such things appear, walk away or negotiate at the price point.

Tyres: The tyres are consumable items with shelf life of 2 years at max. If the tyres are past that date, they need replacing. Also the tyres tend to get hard and loose grip if they are old. Good tyres mean that the owner has been taking care and spending regularly on it.

Frame: Frame is back bone of any vehicle, a straight and clean frame ensures the vehicle is steady and drives well. The motorcycle frame can get damaged if motorcycle is involved in any accident or fall. Put the motorcycle on double stand with straight handle and inspect frame. The time spent in inspection will save headaches later.

Finding the second hand bike: One can get used motorcycle from second hand bikes shops or use online search engines to avoid hassle of going to the market. Finding a motorcycle on Olx is much better than visiting the markets.

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