Honda CD70 2023

Honda CD70 2023

As odd as it may seem but Honda CD 70 is Pakistan’s most selling motorcycle. When ever a youngster starts learning riding, he uses Honda CD70 as his learner motorcycle. Lets find out today what makes this small motorcycle so special and what is the latest price of Honda CD70 2023.

There are many things to like about Honda CD70 but we will list a few which are the more common reasons.

Honda CD70 Fuel Average:

Honda CD70 is known to be the most fuel efficient motorcycle of Pakistan. This is due to the small capacity 70cc engine and a simple slide based carburetor. Also the motorcycle is compact and light weight which helps it achieve good fuel average. Though Honda claims 70 kmpl but its safe and realistic fuel average is somewhere around 55 to 60kmpl on a good day.

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Honda CD70 After Sale:

In Pakistan people think of reselling while buying a new vehicle. Honda CD 70 is marketed as Cash Deposit and company claims that selling Honda CD70 is very easy. This is due to consumer awareness and established brand value across Pakistan. Not only selling, in case you need to tune your CD70, the motorcycle can be tuned by any mechanic and its spare parts are also available everywhere. If you are in the market for a safe bet( safe investment ) Honda CD70 is best choice for you.

Honda CD70 Price in Pakistan:

Like all other things, Honda CD70 2023 has became very expensive. The motorcycle which used to be sold at 65 thousand rupees now costs 116,500 rupees. The recent dollar fluctuations, import difficulties and tough economic conditions made it very expensive. The Honda CD70 is also available on installment through banks and some leasing firms across Pakistan.

Honda CD70 2023


If we have to give the title of Pakistan’s most selling motorcycle to any one , it will definitely be Honda CD70. This small and humble motorcycle has become the first choice of every new motorcycle buyer.

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