Suzuki Pakistan teases launch of GS125Q

Finally yesterday Suzuki Pakistan broke its silence and teased the launch of GS125Q on their social media platforms. Initially showcased in August 2022 at Pakistan Auto show, Suzuki GSX125 (Internally known as GS125Q) was rumored to be launched in October 2022. Yesterday Suzuki Pakistan teases launch of GS125Q to confirm it.

Suzuki has marketed the GSX125 by saying Get ahead of the rest, Suzuki is claiming that their new 125 is better than existing 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan. This is a bold statement from a new vehicle which has yet to be introduced in Pakistan. There are many 125cc motorcycles but the main competition of Suzuki GS125Q will be coming from Yamaha YBR125 and Honda CB125F.

Suzuki Social media post

Yamaha YBR125 or Suzuki GS125Q:

It may seem odd to compare a yet to be launched motorcycle with an already selling and tested motorcycle but this is what its going to be like. Market is a ruthless place where these comparison will help in generating sales and developing customer decisions. We have done a detailed analysis of Suzuki GS125Q with Yamaha YBR125.

Honda CB125F or Suzuki GS125Q:

The next most basic comparison will be Honda’s 125 and Suzuki GS125Q. Though Honda has dominance in 125cc segment and GS125Q will be Pakistan’s first 125 from Suzuki. We have also done a detailed analysis of Honda CB125F or Suzuki GS125Q.

Suzuki GS125Q Launch Price:

In Pakistan, price is the main driving factor of anything and it will also play an important role in the success of GS125Q. Ideally its price should be kept near its competitors, (Honda CB125F and Yamaha YBR125 price range) so people can compare them easily. Since it will be CBU import initially, its price may be kept high and once its localization begins, the company may reduce or adjust the prices. Also Suzuki has installment facility which will help in generating more sales for the GS125Q.

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