Motorcycle Engine Oils

Oil to motorcycle is like blood to us humans, well this is not a literature class and we are all motorcycle enthusiasts here. To be very specific, motorcycle engine oils are very important for performance of your motorcycle. Today we will be looking at functions of engine oil, different types of motorcycle engine oils and which oil you should use for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Engine Oils

Functions of Motorcycle Engine Oils:

This may sound odd but the engine oil performs plenty of functions inside the motorcycle. Some of the key functions are listed below.

Lubrication: It helps to keep moving parts lubricated and slows down wear and tear.

Cleaning: Modern engine oils have cleaning elements which help clean tight engine spots.

Anti Rust: Modern engine oils have anti rust technology which helps in keeping engine rust free.

Cooling: Engine oil helps to keep engine temperatures down and cool the engine.

Different Types of Engine Oils:

Motorcycle engine oils come in different types and their use is recommended on engine type, usage and environment where they are used. The motorcycle engine oils are mainly categorized in to three types Mineral, Synthetic and Semi Synthetic.

Mineral Engine Oils:

As the name reflects, mineral engine oils are made up of natural crude oil (extracted from the ground & purified)Mineral Engine oils are the first motor oil ever invented. They are recommended and used in basic engine types and main reason of their recommendation is their cost effectiveness. Mineral Engine Oils are cheaper to manufacture and hence they are at an attractive price point for the masses.

Synthetic Engine Oils:

These are opposite to mineral engine oils because they are chemically formulated in factories. They are also called chemical based engine oils. The benefit of having synthetic engine oil is that one can introduce a specific type of feature which they want in this engine oil. Many Synthetic engine oils are made to withstand extreme temperatures and keep engine clean by not leaving any sludge or residue. Synthetic engine oils are expensive to manufacture hence they are expensive to buy.

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Semi Synthetic Engine Oils:

These engine oils are also known as blends, they are based upon a mixture (blend) of Mineral and Synthetic engine oils as per the requirement of vehicle and environment. These oils possess both qualities of Mineral and Synthetic engine oils. They are also available at a much more affordable price point as compared to Synthetic engine oils.

Best Motorcycle Engine Oil:

Naturally, this question should surface your mind by now that which engine oil I should use and the answer to that is simple. You should follow the owners manual and it will share exact grade , viscosity and engine oil type. This recommendation is shared by manufacturer after testing the vehicle in different conditions and always helps in keeping it in refined condition.

Which engine oil type and grade you use? Let us know in the comments.

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