Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Motorcycles are a common mode of transportation in Pakistan. People tend to use motorcycles for their daily commutes and avoiding traffic jams. Pakistan does not have the capacity to fully manufacture any motorcycle locally and needs to import spare parts for local assembling. The major market share holders are Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki along with other local assemblers and manufacturers. Lets have a look at latest Motorcycle prices in Pakistan.

Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan:

Honda (Atlas Honda) is the biggest player in Pakistani motorcycle market. Working in Pakistan since 1970’s Honda motorcycles excel in manufacturing 70,100,125 and 150cc motorcycles. The prices of Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan are as under.

Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan cater to needs of majority customers. The company usually sells a million motorcycles every year in Pakistan.

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan:

Yamaha Motorcycles started their business in 2015 under supervision of YMC Japan(Yamaha Motor Co.) They introduced stylish and sporty 125cc motorcycles and now have a range of 04 different variants. Their motorcycles attract a specific niche which likes to ride smooth and comfortable motorcycles. Yamaha motorcycle prices in Pakistan are as under:

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha Motorcycles are expensive and they can also be bought through easy installment program.

Suzuki Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan:

Suzuki is globally famous for its motorcycles but cars are a bigger picture in Pakistan. However Suzuki is still selling its 110 to 150cc motorcycles here. These motorcycles are manufactured by imported parts which are locally assembled in Pakistan. Suzuki motorcycle prices are as under:

Suzuki Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Motorcycles are expensive as compared to the market. Suzuki is offering 24 Months easy installment plan to facilitate its customers.

Suzuki Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan
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Other than these Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, there are many other local motorcycle manufacturers. Pakistan now has locally assembled electric motorcycles as well. The electric motorcycle prices in Pakistan are not stable because they heavily rely upon imported material. Recent dollar and economic fluctuations have damaged their market a lot. However now trend is shifting towards installment purchase or getting a used motorcycle for daily commutes.

Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan

Lets hope the prices come down to a more affordable and approachable status.

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