Yamaha Installment Plan

Yamaha Offers Bikes On 0% Mark Up

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has recently started its leasing facility for Yamaha lovers, now their bikes are available on 0% mark up. Earlier this facility was available a few years back on limited dealerships but not Yamaha is offering this service across multiple cities. Lets have a look on what is this Yamaha Installment Plan! This plan is valid for all Yamaha Motorcycles such as YBR125, YBR125G, YB125Z and YB125Z DX.

Installment Plan

The installment plan is spread across 04 months, The buyer is required to deposit 50% value of bike up front as down payment and rest is divided on 04 months. The customer is required to pay registration charges separately and they are not included in this plan. No premium or extra amount is charged to customer. Before Yamaha Only Suzuki was offering motorcycles on 0 mark up for 02 years. That was one of the key selling factor for Suzuki GS150 & GS150SE in Pakistan.

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limited Time Offer

According to Yamaha dealers, this is a limited time offer started by Yamaha to encourage retail sale. Due to recent economical un rest the prices have increased by a lot. Because of that the retail sales have suffered badly. Many motorcycles have piled up at dealer showrooms and company has offered this promotion to promote sales.

Yamaha YBR125
Yamaha YBR125

High prices Low sales

The recent economic unrest has resulted in very high inflation. Motorcycles have became a lot expensive and this has resulted in poor sales. On an average every motorcycle has became expensive by at least 70 thousand to 1 lac rupees. At such high prices, low sales are evident but company and government need to devise a plan about the pricing strategy of these motorcycles.


If you are a Yamaha fan, you can upgrade your old motorcycle to a Yamaha by availing this offer. As it is for limited time only, it may run out of time. If you are waiting for motorcycles to become cheaper, don’t waste your time. This may not happen & you should avail Yamaha Installment Plan. This plan is valid for all Yamaha Motorcycles such as YBR125, YBR125G, YB125Z and YB125Z DX.

Yamaha Installment Plan

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