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Hero Xtreme 160R Stealth Edition

Hero Motor Co India had recently launched a new model , (version 2.0) of its Hero Xtreme 160R and they have called it the Stealth Edition. The new Hero Xtreme 160R gets a reworked styling with matt colors and attractive color combination stripes. Although this variant is mechanically same as on going regular 160R but there are a few changes to it. Lets find out what are they.

Hero Xtreme 160R

Stealth Edition

The Hero Xtreme Stealth Edition is mechanically same but it has got a matt black paint job with red accents. This paint scheme provide a stealth look to it and hence the new name, Stealth Edition.

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Smart Phone Connectivity

The new hero gets smart phone connectivity as standard. Now the rider can sync his smart phone with in built speedo meter app and can get necessary coordination done easily.

GPS Tracking

The 2.0 Edition also gets GPS live tracking option which makes it more secure. In case of any theft or long parking the owner can locate their motorcycle and be updated even when they are away.

Hero Xtreme Stealth Edition Price

The extra added features of this version make it a lil pricey, this motorcycle costs 9,000 Indian rupees more and has a sticker price of 130,000 INR which honestly puts many Pakistani motorcycles to shame.

Final Thoughts

The machine is premium and aggressive for 160cc. With a tempting price tag it really is a bargain but sadly not for us! This is the benefit of local manufacturing facility. Not only the finished product is affordable but its quality and pricing can also be kept in check. This also adds to the economical growth of the country. Manufacturing motorcycles like Xtreme 160 is not difficult in Pakistan , provided the company is really dedicated to change the market. Lets see if it happens.

hero xtreme

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