How to clean your motorcycle

How to Protect Motorcycle Paint & Chrome Work

Motorcyclists love to keep their motorcycles new and shiny. In daily routine riding, it is difficult to maintain a motorcycle. Exposure to the atmosphere, harsh sunlight, and careless use make it difficult to protect motorcycle paint & chrome work. Even if you are being very careful, still someone can hurt your motorcycle in the parking lot. Here are a few tips on protecting motorcycle paint & chrome work.

How to clean your motorcycle

Keep it Scratch Free:

Nothing adds more scratches on the paint surface when you start wiping dry dust from it. Dust particles rub on the paint surface and scratch it. These swirl marks are often seen as round scratch marks on paint surfaces. To avoid these swirl marks, it is recommended to use a wet/ damp microfiber cloth and clean the surface so there is a wet surface and the fear of scratches is less.

Do not use washing powder or detergents:

Often seen in service stations across Pakistan, washing powder or detergent is used to wash motorcycles and other vehicles. The detergent is a hard compound and it causes dryness and fading in paint and chrome work. The best practice is to use a car shampoo or an automobile cleaning product. If car shampoo is not available, it is best to use hair shampoo. It helps in protecting the paint as it is a much softer compound.

Keep it waxed:

Nothing speaks more about a careful owner than a clean and shiny motorcycle. It is recommended to wax your motorcycle after every wash using a good quality wax or polish. Wax or polish adds a protective layer and it keeps the surface smooth n shiny. If there are scratches already, it is recommended to use a good-quality rubbing compound to buff it. It may not clean deep scratches but it will skim the smaller scratches which can later be sealed using a polish.

Keep the chrome shiny!

Chrome is hard to maintain, if hard water is used to clean the machine, chrome is stained. The motorcycle exhaust, front forks, and rear shocks are usually chrome. Any good chrome polish can keep them stain free, shiny, and new!

Hopefully, now you are equipped enough to keep your motorcycle clean and shiny! Let us know how you keep your motorcycle new and shiny!

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