Suzuki Plant Shut Down

Suzuki Motorcycles Production Shutdown in Pakistan

In a recent development, Pak Suzuki shuts down its motorcycle assembling plant in Pakistan for a period of 12 days. On Friday 17th March 2023, Pak Suzuki announced this shutdown due to a lack of inventory.

Suzuki Plant Shut Down

According to the notice submitted to Pakistan Stock Exchange, Pak Suzuki Motorcycle assembling plant will remain closed from 20th March to 31st March 2023. As Pak Suzuki is not a motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan yet (no Pak Suzuki Motorcycle is completely localized) but only an assembler.

Pak Suzuki is currently operating 4 motorcycles in Pakistan. These motorcycles start from 110,125 and 150cc in engine capacity range. The motorcycle parts are mainly imported from Malaysia and China and are assembled here.

Due to the recent rupee inflation and import bans, followed by a higher general sales tax rate motorcycle prices in Pakistan are not affordable anymore. On top of that nonproduction days make a bad impact on the reputation of the company!

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