Petrol relief package announced for motorcyclists

Yesterday PM Pakistan announced a petrol relief package for motorcyclists in Pakistan. The PM added that this petrol relief package is for low-income groups who own motorcycles, rickshaws, and 800cc cars. The PM added that such individuals who fall in particular criteria will get subsidized petrol. Let’s look at it in more detail.

During a meeting about petroleum prices and giving relief to low-income groups, PM announced that this relief package will be implemented soon. The PM added that this relief package is only for motorcyclists, rickshaw owners, and small car owners (below 800cc). The PM said that these vehicles are used by low-income groups. This subsidy will help them with the economic crisis we are going through.

Petrol Relief Package

As the government is planning to give a 50 rupees subsidy, they are also working on the quality of new/subsidized fuel. It is not possible to serve the same fuel which costs 272 pkr and charge 50 rupees less for it. In this regard, the government is launching a low-performance fuel (87 Octane). If you remember, a few years back Pakistan had reddish color petrol with a very strong odor. That petrol was 87 octane. It was low on octane molecules and made less power.

In the current scenario, the low ron fuel is a blessing in disguise. The end consumer will save at least fifty rupees per liter and this will help with their financial betterment. In modern 660cc vehicles, we fear that this low-quality fuel may not work. As they are high compression engines and low ron fuel may cause knocking, juttring and heat up issues in them.

None the less, this is a great step. This will help many who can not afford expensive fuel. Hopefully the government will also work on alternative agency in more serious way which will help in future.

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